NCTE Latest Norms For D.Ed Course and D.Ed Course Duration 2 Years for 2015

D.Ed Course duration is 2 Years for 2015/Next Year

Free and compulsory elementary education (6-14 years) is the fundamental right of every child in our country. The aim of elementary education is to fulfill the basic learning needs of all children in an inclusive school environment bridging social and gender gaps with the active participation of the community.  The objectives of elementary education are to enable the child to develop skills of literacy, numeracy, communication and problem solving and acquire knowledge and understanding of the physical and social world around and attitudes and skills related to enhancing productivity and quality of life.

Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) for Dealing with any Terrorist Attack on Schools

Standard Operating Procedure for Dealing with any Terrorist Attack on Schools

1. Background:
Experience gained in handing terrorism in recent years has shown that with a view to gain widespread media and public attention, bold terrorist attacks are undertaken. Places of large number of footfalls, malls, multi-plexes, hotels and schools, are most vulnerable for terrorist attacks.  This necessitates to have in place a Standard Operating Procedure defining the role of officials of the concerned agencies participant to counter such attack in schools.