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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Telangana KG to PG Free and Compulsory Education Scheme TS KG to PG Schools

An Excellency School for every constituency

A school shines and becomes fame majorly with its outwards appearance and with well equipped infrastructure. Nobody thinks that a student in thousands of students shines here they don't observe the ratio of the schools, branches respective to the govt. schools. If we take any class we can observe the 3 types of students
1. Stars
2. Average.
3. Below average.

KG to PG Free Education
We can also observe here when a child studying in a govt school , a teacher should not stress him to read, write. everything should happens environment at home, parents Illiteracy plays a major role in his achievement. But in a private school, Parents, teachers every one motivates. the child.

In villages it became an prestigious factorial that while one's son is studying in private school then why not my child?. He is ready to pay more but a parent of govt school child could not spare a rupee on his books or on his needs.

So, to increase the ratio of students in villages our Telangana Government is going to be Inaugurate free education " KG to PG".

KG to PG Free and Compulsory Education Scheme

main elements of this scheme are
  1. A school for every constituency
  2. A school with in 15 acres and with hostel facility.
  3. Well equipped with 54.56 Crores.
  4. Teaching will be in Telugu up to 5th and in English after 5th.
  5. 1st, 3rd, 5th,7th and 9th classes will be started from next year.
  6. Same classes will be started from the next academic year.
  7. After 2017 the admissions will be only in First class.
  8. Each class will have 2 sections up to primary sections and 3 sections for each class of upper primary section.
  9. Each section contains 40 members.
  10. System of education is co-education but hostel facilities are arranged separately.
  11. Admission priority first will be given for drop outs and next others.
  12. Required teachers posts will be recruited and qualified teachers will be trained.
  13. These schools are recognized as "center for excellency".
  14. Nutrition food will be given for the students. Cooks and helpers are appointed on the basis of outsourcing. those who have already worked in the Gurukul and Social welfare hostels.
  15. Each school have the staff of 34 members 10 for primary and 12 for Upper Primary level and 12 for high school level.
  16. Those who completes X class in 2016-2017 will continue in Intermediate degree and post graduation.
  17. So, Be ready, get ready to get admission in this schools and own your education with free of cost. Because, there is no value for a person with out education.
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