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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Part Time Instructors Recruitment New Guidelines| TSSA Warangal

Guidelines for filling up Part time Instructor Posts-TSSA Warangal

Part Time Instructors Recruitment New Guidelines  have been issued by TSSA Warangal on today onwards. These guidelines for filling up the following part time instructors:
(a) Art Education (b) Health and Physical Education (c) Work Education in Upper Primary Schools and Upper Primary Sections of High schools for the academic year 2014-15

Eligibility criteria

A. Age:
No person shall be eligible for any post unless he/she is above 18 years and below 39 years of ages as on 01.07.2014. However, in case of SC/ST/BC candidates the maximum age limit shall be 44 years and in case of physically challenged candidates the maximum age limit shall be 49 years.

B. Qualifications:
a) Part-time Instructor for Art Education
i)10th class or its equivalent examination.
ii)Diploma or a certificate in drawing commercial art, fine arts and architecture, painting, sculpture, music, dance or a certificate in higher grade drawing certificate from a recognized institution. and
iii)Posses technical teacher certificate of Government of Andhra Pradesh.
b) Part-time Instructor for Health & Physical Education
i)Intermediate Education/Graduation and
ii)Under Graduate Diploma in Physical Education / B.P.Ed. from a recognized institution.

c) Part-time Instructor for Work Education
i) 10th class or its equivalent examination
ii)  Certificate in a trade viz., carpentary, weaving, sewing, tailoring, textile printing etc., issued by any ITI/DLTC from a recognized institution and
iii) Technical teacher certificate of Government of Andhra Pradesh
iv) 3 year Diploma in craft education by Home Science College.

Selection procedure

  1. The SPO shall communicate the list of schools to the concerned Mandal Educational Officers for engaging Part time Instructors. The MEOs in turn shall display the details in notice boards of MRC/High schools.
  2. A school level committee shall be constituted with School Complex Headmaster and SMC Chairman, Headmasters of concerned school for selection of part time Instructors.
  3. The candidates having prescribed qualification are eligible to work as Part time Instructor in upper primary schools and upper primary sections of high schools where there are more than 100 children available in UP sections.
  4. The services of Part time Instructors shall be engaged from the day of approval by District level Committee during the academic year 2014-15.
  5. The candidates who reside in the same village or nearby the village alone should be considered to the extent possible as they can’t operate from far off places.
  6. For any school three posts are sanctioned i.e., one PET, one Art Education and one Craft Education if any one of the above already exists, rest of posts can be filled for eg. PET already exists balance two posts can be filled and so on.
  7. Similarly atleast one lady Part time Instructor is to be considered out of the three so that girl children will get due importance / prominence.
  8. After receipt of applications from the eligible candidates to work as Part time Instructors. School shall be taken as unit for engaging Part time Instructors.
  9. If more no. of eligible candidates are available merit list shall be prepared taking the marks in academic and professional qualifications in the ratio of 50:50 and the candidates shall be selected based on the merit.
  10. The headmaster shall communicate the list of selected candidate to the concerned DPO for engaging of Part time Instructors.
  11. The data base of all Part time Instructors engaged in the district shall be maintained at District Project Office. List of selected candidates for various posts shall be furnished to District Committee for approval. However, Category-wise, Qualification wise no. of Part time Instructors engaged in the district shall be furnished to SPO.
  12. The district committee will examine school-wise list of selected candidates keeping in view the Merit and approve to give postings in the identified schools.
  13. After receipt of the approval from district level committee. The concerned school headmaster shall in turn position the candidates in their respective schools.
  14. In certain habitations, if the suitable candidates are not available, eligible candidates from other habitations can be appointed with the approval of school level committee.
  15. The services of the Part time Instructors shall be engaged till the last working day of academic year.

Constitution of District Level Committee

A District Level Committee shall be constituted under the Chairmanship of the District Collector. The composition of the committee is as follows:
i)    District Collector            -    Chairman
ii)    District Educational Officer    -    Member
iii)    Project Officer, RVM (SSA)        -    Member Convener

The above Committee will ensure that the entire process of engaging of Part time Instructors shall be conducted as per the guidelines. The guidelines communicated by the SPO, RVM (SSA) shall follow the process of engaging the Part time Instructors.

Honorarium :
A honorarium of Rs. 6000/- per month shall be paid for all three posts through SMCs concerned. Project Officer, RVM shall release the salary to the concerned SMC on regular basis.

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