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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

e-Pattadar Pass Book Issuance Guidelines in AP

Guidelines on issuance of e-Pattadar Pass Book

A Detailed procedure on Issuance of e-Pattadar Pass Book is given in User Manual on the home page page of webland site to enable the Tahsildars to follow the prescribed procedure to issue e-passbooks from user manual without problem. In view of guidelines to be followed on issuance of e-passbooks is prepared and here are provided necessary instructions.

e-Pattadar Pass Book Issuance Guidelines in AP

I. Types of Services:
The following services are available in issuance of e-pattadar passbooks:
1. e-passbook replacement: This Service facilitates the citizen to apply for replacement of old Pattadar Passbook.
2. e-passbook duplicate: This Service facilitates the citizen to apply for Duplicate of Pattadar Passbook in case of lost or spoiled.
3. Mutation+ e-passbook: This Service facilitates the citizen to apply for e-Pattadar Passbook followed mutation and also for applying for new passbook.

II. Process to be followed for issuance of e- Passbooks in Webland:
1. The step by step procedure for issuing an e-ppb is given in detail in the form of presentation which is available for all Tahsildar’s on the home page of Webland site.

III. Tahsildar has to follow the following steps before going for approval of PPB:
  1. For approving/ rejecting an e-passbook, Tahsildar has to go to the PPB Dashboard then should click on the “All the MeeSeva Mutation PPB Pending Requests for Accept/Reject” Screen, where he can see all the Mutation ID’s which are pending for approval.
  2. Tahsildar has to download and verify the documents submitted at Meeseva Kiosk operator with below mentioned one to four documents (screens).
  3. Tahsildar has to verify the pattadar details after clicking on “View Pahani”.
  4. Tahsildar has to verify Khata Number particulars after clicking on “View ROR”.
  5. Tahsildar has to verify Photo and other details (first page of e-ppb) of the pattadar after clicking on “PPB Holder Details”.
  6. Tahsildar has to check all the details to be printed in e-ppb by clicking on “PPB Land Details”.
  7. After verifying thoroughly Tahsildar approves the request and signs digitally.
  8. After the approval of Tahsildar, the passbook will be available for printing and dispatching.
  9. Printed e-Pattadar Passbooks will be delivered to Tahsildar Offices for verification and for VRO signature.
  10. After verification by Tahsildar the passbooks will be given to the applicant.
  11. Tahsildar should approve the e-Passbook request only after surrender of previously issued Pattadar Passbook by entering all PPB Numbers in Webland.

IV. In case of errors noticed in issuance of e-passbooks before printing as received from printer:
1. Errors in photographs
2. Errors in Signatures

  1. Printer gets the data from Meeseva, if any errors found in photographs and signatures, he further pushes the data to Meeseva.
  2. Further, from Meeseva it goes to Webland, in the Webland (in PPB and Meeseva dashboard) a provision to upload photo and signature has been given, to enable the Tahsildar for making necessary corrections in uploading photo and signature. Kindly go through the Screenshots given below.

V. In case of errors noticed in issuance of e-passbooks after printing:
  1. Errors in photographs: It is the responsibility of Tahsildar to check pattadars photograph in PPB Dashboard with the ROR 1B (if it is Aadhaar Seeded).
  2. If it is not Aadhaar Seeded Tahsildar may verify with VRO/RI enquiry report before approving the e-passbook. It is mandatory for VRO/RI to collect pattadars photograph during the enquiry time.
  3. It is the responsibility of Tahsildar to verify Photo and Signatures of the pattadars with the options given in pattadar Dash board before approving the e-passbook. If Tahsildar approves without verifying Photographs and Signature and if errors found after receiving printed e-passbooks, in such cases, Tahsildar has to apply for replacement e-passbook service. 
  4. More details are available at your MRO Office

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